Sunday, 24 July 2011

Starcraft 2 MASTER league here I come??

(By the way I wanted to mention, in the picture above, the guy ahead of me named "HuK" who is a famous player but not really because he is an imitation, is hacking or something because in every one of his games he gathers 0 resources, makes 0 army units and manages to win somehow.. As you can see he has 2000 some points, and is the 2nd highest ranked diamond player in north america. He has won 56 or so matches in a row, something that is unheard of in starcraft 2.)

Only two days left until the ladder resets! All I can say is I can't wait to find out if I made it into master league yet! The ladder has been locked for a while, so you can't get promoted to a higher league.
There are 7 starcraft 2 leagues: Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, and grandmaster. Only the top 2% of players will be promoted to Master league. The problem is in order to get promoted to master league, you have to be better than (have a higher MMR than) 50% of master league players. Right now when I hit the search button for a quickmatch in the ladder, I sometimes go up against masters players. Other times I will get high ranked diamond players. Technically the high ranked diamond players are better than the lower end of the master league, so that means I'm getting close.
Wish me luck!

Here is a bonus screenshot of me winning a free for all against 7 AI. I hope to show it more in a later post. It sounds easy but its pretty difficult because the AI cheat by gaining extra resources. And they always want to attack me with maxed armies of ultralisks, banelings and hydras, which were melted by my tanks and thors. You get an achievement for winning this. I already had the achievement I just felt like doing it again for some reason. =D

Okay I couldn't resist so I took some more screenshots of me demolishing 7 zergs with my crazy mech army:

All this reminds me of Starcraft 1 where I used to do 1v7AI. Not free for all, all vs me. It was very difficult but possible. Ah how I love starcraft 2.


  1. Best of wishes on your placing in the Master league.

  2. impressive stuff! :D
    keep it up and good luck

  3. Good luck mate! just discovered your blog and im interested in your progress! +follow

  4. woooaa i m impressed :)

  5. I wish I could get that good. Still stuck in Gold/Plat (should be promoted to Plat when leagues open again!).


  6. In my opinion it is one of the best games ever. Good luck!


  7. I've been procrastinating on getting this game, I need to just go for it...maybe tonight.

  8. a starcraft II blog and i wasnt a follower from the very beginning? Sounds like blasphemy!
    Great blog you got there :D

  9. Nice blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. Hope to see you go super pro. I'll have to show my brother your blog sometime he used to nerd on this game pretty hard.

  10. Thanks for coming along to the danbrownportal! Here's my main blog:

    Duncan In Kuantan

  11. Very nice! I commend you for your progress.
    I'll be keeping my eyes peeled here, as I love all things Starcraft, though sadly, I'm horrendous at the game.

  12. Thanks guys! I appreciate it so much! As for you guys who are in bronze-platinum league, don't worry! Just keep practicing and playing and don't give up or be discouraged and I'm positive you will be promoted! If anyone needs a practice partner look me up I'm on NA server, username Goweeuhd Char code is 274.