Friday, 29 July 2011

i am SO sorry guys :'(. PvP match!

The starcraft 2 ladder has been up for a few days now. So I logged in and played my first game. This is how it went:

First off it is a Protoss vs Protoss match vs a master league player. I am the red protoss, and he is the blue protoss. Sorry about the chat in the pictures guys I'm just talking with a good friend of mine who just made masters in the new ladder after his first match.

As you can see here I scouted his second gas. This means he is highly unlikely to be aggressive early in the game, and he is teching up.

Here I killed his early-game scouting probe before it could even get in my base. Now he has no idea what I'm doing except that I obviously have a stalker so I've made a gate, cybercore, and 1-2 vespene gas assimilators.

Knowing he went for a 2 gas build order, I felt free to take my own gas without feeling scared of an early attack. So I went ahead and teched up myself and got a twilight council and dark shrine to build invisible assassins called dark templar. As you can see I also build a forge and a cannon (on the right) to protect myself from invisible dark templars of my opponent in case he went for the same tech path as me. You really have to be careful because dark templar can one-shot workers and pretty soon your whole economy is destroyed and you lose.

With his extra gas, he went robo tech and chrono-boosted out two immortals before getting any colossi out. Clearly he was fearful of an early attack because he never got into my base. Most protoss players when playing another protoss will try to end the game early with an extremely powerful four warp-gate push, having only taken one gas. Taking only one gas allows you to save a ton more minerals to spend on zealots, which are really hard to deal with early on. Little did he know I was just teching myself.

Unforunately since I went for dark templar this game and he went robo, he was able to get an observer out to detect my dark templar before they were able to get into his base. You can see them under attack right now, so I was forced to retreat. At this point in the game he had a decisive lead as I wasted money on expensive dark templar that did no damage.

I figured I might be able to win if I do an extremely powerful timing attack. So I used my forge to get a ground weapons damage upgrade, and got upgraded charge for my zealots. I morphed my dark templar into archons and moved out for an attack.

I completely PWNED his army here except for 1 colossi was left on the high ground. At this point he was pretty much done for.

It was his last desperate attempt to micro his colossus to try to win somehow... But it failed and it died.

                                                                  He left the game.
What basically happened in that game is he committed too much to immortals because he was expecting an early attack. They are great vs stalkers but horrible vs my zealot archon composition. Had he stayed at his ramp the game might have went a bit differently. If I had been in his position I would have scouted with a stalker and ran away and camped at my ramp until I chronoboosted three colossi out, then I would have attacked. Colossi are great vs my composition because they do terrible splash damage to zealots. He transitioned to colossi but it was pretty slow. In my opinion it was a bit of a waste of him to get the colossi range out so quickly because it really lowered his colossi count because he couldn't afford both the gas for the upgrade and the robo bay tech, and also get several colossi out. Most people after going robo and deflecting my dark templar like that will try to get an expansion up which is always very dangerous in pvp, and try to get more colossi out. I try to take advantage of when they try to expand like that with this timing attack with +1 chargelots and archons.

Sadly as you can see here I was placed in diamond league again and I am only rank 69 right now. I wish I got a screenshot of where it said I was diamond again :(. It's just so sad, you would think after beating a master league player like that you might get promoted but I guess not. I mean almost all the games I've played lately vs master league players I have won.

I'm very happy though that a good friend of mine made it into masters league though. I've been practicing quite a bit with him. He said he was struggling a lot in PvP (He is a protoss player like me, and this was a while back). So I taught him the zealot archon build I learned from Artosis' stream on, and now he says he almost never loses against protoss lol. Maybe that is partly what helped him reach masters. It's weird though because I beat him like 8/10 games I play vs him yet he is in master league and I'm not... I'm not jealous though I'm totally happy for him, I know my time will come some day!~

I've played some interesting matches lately too. I hope to share about them with you guys especially my game vs a zerg who went mutas, as that is proving to be my starcraft 2 weakness lately and it is very annoying to deal with.



  1. i'm hoping i can learn all the nuances from you. i can't stand reading those forums.

  2. Good match! I usually go for a three-stalker rush into blink when I play PvP, but I'm leaning more towards robo plays recently. If I had better control, I would seriously consider Phoenix openings, but I don't think I have the ability to pull those off :(

    My first game was a PvP too, but I mis-micro'd my initial stalkers and let him get a 4gate proxy pylon too close to my base. Bad times :(

  3. I sooo don't know anything about this kind of games, but reading about the match like this is pretty cool :) Wish you luck with promotions next time! And this is one awesome piece of art!

  4. thats nice dude! :D
    keep it up

  5. A similar thing happened to me! I'm I also fought a masters player but was placed in diamond. What a disappointment.

  6. that must have been a great match!

  7. I should really start playing again. I was top diamond when diamond was the highest league, but once masters was introduced I sort of lost motivation to play.

    Also PvP is pretty lame at times. It's just a macrofest / race to out 4 gate the other player. ZvZ is significantly worse though lmao.

  8. Nice analysis.
    Cool that you came back after wasting resources on templars.

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