Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh the joys of a 4v4 starcraft 2 DEATH BALL

Sometimes when I'm doing team matches in starcraft 2, people will decide to let one person be the microer. How it works is everyone shares control with eachother and I hotkey everyone's army units all together in one big ball.

starcraft 2In this starcraft 2 game we started with a ball of marines and stalkers and roaches. We were able to push pretty well with this army and do a little bit of damage, but after a while we were forced to retreat.
 After time elapsed we were able to mass up a lot more and as you can see here we had a ton of marines to help own the opponents' mass immortal.
 After a while it just got ridiculous how massive our ball was. It felt amazing to just scoot and shoot it around and massacre everything in its path as i ravaged every one of their bases.
 Here was the final engagement but they were clearly outnumbered.
Most of them gave up almost immediately after seeing the deathball, and tasting a small hint of its power.
GG! That's how you pwn in starcraft 2!

Friday, 12 August 2011

I FINALLY started winning!!!!

 Hey guys I'm finally starting to get out of my starcraft 2 losing streak! I won 16 out of 24 games.

 Here is a starcraft 2 pvp where I did a timing attack with 3 colossi and some zealots & stalkers.
He expanded and went for archons and zealots with charge but couldn't hold the attack.

Here is a PvZ in starcraft 2 I thought I'd share with you guys because I faced something really unexpected.
Here he made a proxy hatch just outside my base where I couldn't see.

 I saw some creep so I sent my zealot out only to see spine-crawlers already in production right next to my ramp.
 He burrowed them closer and started pounding away on my buildings.
 I kind of failed here. I should have forcefielded him out completely so he couldn't get into my base at all. Then he couldn't have seen up my ramp so his spine crawlers wouldn't have been able to attack me.
 He got some queens up into my base to start laying creep tumors.

 I got a nice force-field off and killed both of them.

 He managed to kill all my buildings at my ramp with spines crawlers.
He kept pushing up into my base with lings and spines and queens.

 I got a forge and built some cannons for defense.
 I also decided the best choice was to get a dark shrine and go for dark templar because I had a probe near his base I could build a proxy pylon with.
 I warped in some dark templar just outside of his base using my proxy pylon.
 They ran in and massacred his drones.

 He tried to push in with all his spines because he knew he had to kill me now or else he would be too far behind after losing most of his drones.
 I laid some forcefields to trap his queens and zerglings.
I cleared out the rest of his attack, at which point it was gg starcraft 2 pwnage.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It is a good day to. . . DIEEEE!

1. What starcraft 2 league are you in in 1v1's? What about in team games? Right now I'm in diamond in 1v1's but I'd like to consider myself on the way to masters very soon hopefully. In team games I have been masters in all of them, but I don't play them much because I only really care about 1v1's.
2. What race do you play? Protoss
3. What do you think are your best/worst starcraft 2 match-ups? PvP is probably my best right now I think I understand it the best. My worst is PvZ right now even though I have gotten much better at it lately. My worst would be PvT right now except I have been doing a 6 gate all-in cheese vs every terran who goes bio and I haven't lost with it yet lol.
4. What starcraft 2 race do you think is the most overpowered/underpowered? Protoss is the easiest to do good with and make it to diamond in my opinion. But after that at high levels zerg is definitely the strongest in my opinion. Terran is by far the weakest right now especially late game. There is like no answer to infestor brood lord, and ghosts and vikings are just too inefficient at dealing with them for their cost. If the zerg is great he can spread his infestors especially since they are so fat and EMP will be almost useless. Also, colossi+zealot+templar+archon is extremely powerful vs terran I feel.

5. What starcraft 2 unit do you think is the most overpowered/underpowered? I would say infestors are the most overpowered unit in the game right now. Literally there is no counter to them. They can fungal both invisible dt's and ghosts. And just spreading out vs ghosts nullifies their emp. They can neural parasite any powerful unit such as colossi, archons, thors, tanks, templar so they work against the enemy instead of for them. Then fungal growth just kills anything except archons and ultras and colossi which can be neural parasited. Fungal growth keeps everything still so zealots are useless. It does insane damage to stalkers, colossi, void rays, roaches, and blink stalkers can't even blink. Nothing can move at all when fungaled. Templar in starcraft 2 are useless cause they have less range vs infestors and can be neural parasited and the feedback used on all the other templar. Not only that but they can burrow and kill entire expansions just with infested terrans. It doesn't matter if defenses are set up there or not they are just too powerful in high numbers. If I see a zerg going for infestorling I rush for zealot archon before they will have neural parasite and attack with like 7 or 8 gates with 2 or 3 attack upgrades and it just melts the lings and the infestors can't fungal the archons in place. That's the only real counter I can think of.
6. What builds do you think are strongest right now in each starcraft 2 match-up? PvZ forge FE into phoenix into zealot archon off of 8 gates with upgrades seems extremely powerful (watch cruncher play vs goldenfou game 1 on youtube). PvP It depends on the map but most maps 4gate can be stopped so if opponent goes 1 gas I usually try to defend with robo with good micro (imortals and zealots) and once you defend you've basically won you can be free to tech to colossi or attack with your gates and extra stalkers once you add another gas.

7. If you played Starcraft 1, what units do you think were the most amazing and desperately need to be brought back into starcraft 2? (Hopefully they will bring them back in one of the expansions.)
Ugh I have so many units I absolutely loved that desperately need to be brought back into starcraft 2. I know some of them would be useless but what would it hurt to put them into the game anyways?
First off, let me say this. IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIEE!!
-Yes you guessed right! Corsairs!
Other units that desperately need to be brought back are the scout, arbiter, dark archon, lurker, science vessel, and defiler. I have a TON more to say about this but I'll leave it for a later starcraft 2 post. :D

Sunday, 7 August 2011

survey, I'm surveying you guys!!!!

Hey guys! I'm really curious about my followers so far who play Starcraft 2 so I have some questions. Please leave a comment answering if you can, and if you don't play you can answer how you think if you did play the game. Feel free to skip over any questions if you don't have an answer.
1. What league are you in in 1v1's? What about in team games?
2. What race do you play?
3. What do you think are your best/worst match-ups?
4. What race do you think is the most overpowered/underpowered?
5. What unit do you think is the most overpowered/underpowered?
6. What builds do you think are strongest right now in each match-up?
7. If you played Starcraft 1, what units do you think were the most amazing and desperately need to be brought back into starcraft 2? (Hopefully they will bring them back in one of the expansions.)

Thanks so much in advance guys for taking the time to answer!
By the way guys I've been doing wayy better lately as I've been practicing a lot and I've actually started winning. I've practiced some awesome builds for each match-up and I've been trying to refine them more and more.
 PvP: I have been practicing an immortal/zealot opening vs a toss who 1 gases to hold off 4gate. If they go 2 gas I have been going dt's and if they fail I've been going zealot archon with +attack. If I think I can hold an expansion I take but only put about 10 probes there and do a 5 gate timing attack.
PvZ: I have been practicing a 6gate timing attack to kill a zerg who tries to go for mutas. Also I've been trying a zealot archon build vs a zerg who goes for infestorling.
PvT: I have been trying a 6 gate timing attack vs a terran who tries to attack me off 2 or 3 rax in the early game with marines and marowders (because I know it is highly unlikely for them to have cloaked banshees in time after going for marauders). So far it hasn't failed even once. I think most terrans don't ex pect it because almost all protoss will go either robo or zealot archon with +armour.
I hope to tell you more about specific epic starcraft 2 games I've played in a post in the near future.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Sorry guys I just can't seem to have good news for you

Here I got blue-flame hellion dropped and lost 14 probes. Needless to say I lost this game. Just not having any good luck lately. I should have seen it on my mini-map when my probe was there. Maybe the best thing to work on right now is constantly checking the mini-map.

Here I lost at least 20 probes to muta harrass. I find playing against mutas to be my greatest starcraft 2 weakness. If anyone has tips dealing with mutas please let me know cause I just keep getting destroyed by them.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lost 6 games in a row today

I don't know what is wrong with me today but this morning I managed to lose 6 starcraft 2 games in a row. Maybe it's cause I'm rusty or cause I'm sick or something but I am playing so terrible and sloppy. I'm getting supply blocked repeatedly and mis-microing entire battles. I even let my colossi die by themselves in one match where I had a huge advantage. Here I thought being away for a few days would give my mind a chance to relax and when I came back I'd have a fresh perspective, but that doesn't seem like it's happening at all.

 Here is a screenshot of my colossi dying while I was busy worrying about a silly warp prism harrass in my base. I had a huge advantage this game because we both went robo tech and he made sentries with it, and had no colossi out while I already had two. Yet I managed to throw the game away because I'm awesome like that.

Here is me losing another match to a baneling drop that I failed to notice. You can see all my probes disintegrating in green goo.

Here is me dying to an early zerg attack. Sadly I only built one cannon for defense when it was completely obvious the zerg hadn't even expanded yet.

Here is me dying from an all-in attack from a terran in close positions.

Somehow, against all odds I managed to survive this attack from terran.

I even managed to win the fight with 11 stalkers left over, and all he had left at his base was like 4 marines. So all I had to do was attack and win.

Instead I let him macro up 5,000 banshees. And of course since I failed to scout and build a phoenix or even a stargate, I got completely owned.

After I lost all these matches you can imagine my frustration. So I began to resort to cheese. I won a few games with cheese today, and lost probably even more. I've decided I need to practice some exact build-orders that aren't cheese.
My friend who just got into masters likes to write down the exact build order of every strategy he comes up with, so hopefully I can learn some good builds from him. Plus I need to change my strategies around a bit because I tend to do the same starcraft 2 strategy every game in each match-up.