Thursday, 21 July 2011

Epic Protoss vs Zerg Fail

Okay so I played my first starcraft 2 ladder game today. Complete fail!
As you can see in the picture to the right, I opened with a 3 gate expand and went very sentry heavy. This allows me to spend my gas on getting some sentries out to help defend early zerg rushes, and spend my minerals on a very fast expansion to boost my economy up early on.

I then began to wall off the entrance to my natural expansion with some pylons, a fourth warpgate, and a forge. The forge also allows me to get some photon cannons up in the perfect position behind my buildings to help in defense in case of a roach-ling all-in push.

I made a hallucinated phoenix with one of my sentries to fly to the zerg base to try to scout out what tech route he was going. You can also see my robotics facility finished and I got an observer out to detect burrowed zerg units, and creep tumors. Most zerg players tend to go for roaches so I've started my way towards colossi tech, and immortals. I also have my level 1 ground weapons half way completed at my forge.

I made it into his base with the hallucinated phoenix to see a ton of speedlings, and a roach warren, so I knew continuing to make immortals and colossi should be effective.

He ran into my base with a ton of lings, and almost sniped my colossus. Thankfully I ran him into the valley where he would be safe. Phew! He lost a lot of lings there for almost nothing.

Like an absolute idiot, I ran my colossus back up onto the high ground just for it to run straight to the lings and die. Fail #1.

My opponent made a massive attack with roaches and infestors. As you can see, a ton of his roaches are caught in a forcefield prison, and are certainly about to die.

As you can see, that is all that is left of his army. It is almost all completely roasted. If you look to the left you can see one of his infestors is exploding violently in red goo. You would think I had won at this point and just needed to attack, right? Let's see what I did.

I decided to pull back, expand again, and macro up an even larger army with templar and hopefully archons, which isn't too bad of a decision..

I totally had every unit of my army hotkeyed to 1.. I tried to forcefield, but templar were in my army so I didn't have my sentries selected as a caster unit. I didn't even have storm researched for my templar, or have any archons. I didn't even use my high templar for feedback so they were useless, and I just kind of sat there with my colossi in the front to be easily mind-controlled by his infestors' neural parasite ability. And, as you can see, he just waltzed forward with his infestors and neural parasited every single one of my colossi until they were all attacking my stalkers.

I should have at least blinked my stalkers in to kill the infestors to get my colossi back, but I just blinked away to try to save at least my stalkers. Then my neural parasited colossi attacked eachother, along with his roaches until they all died.

As you guys can see I mess up a lot. My micro (control of my units) isn't very good, but I'm at least getting better at macro (getting a strong economy and making as many army units as possible). I'm trying to get into the master league, but the ladder system is currently locked until the 26th of July when the next season of Starcraft 2 ladder begins. Hopefully in the future I will play some games where I actually do something clever and win, but for now I'm satisfied with making fun of myself.


  1. Thanks ! although its not quite finished yet. =D

  2. Thanks Diego I just finished it now so if you didn't see all of it before, now it is.

  3. Nice! I want to play this game too!

  4. Great walk through, hope you get it done!


  5. hahaha im totally showing this to my roommate. good post.

  6. I never got around to playing Starcraft. All my friends say I must. I'll have to check it out.

  7. Good strategy, this looks a lot like the Ling Infestor build of RootDestiny, only a slight differentation. Would you like to upload your replay for me so I can watch the match?

    And losing isn't that bad. I lose most of my matches but I am still learning especially my ZvZ. I rock with it now

  8. Awesome posts and layout bro, +1 follower and 2 thumbs up