Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh the joys of a 4v4 starcraft 2 DEATH BALL

Sometimes when I'm doing team matches in starcraft 2, people will decide to let one person be the microer. How it works is everyone shares control with eachother and I hotkey everyone's army units all together in one big ball.

starcraft 2In this starcraft 2 game we started with a ball of marines and stalkers and roaches. We were able to push pretty well with this army and do a little bit of damage, but after a while we were forced to retreat.
 After time elapsed we were able to mass up a lot more and as you can see here we had a ton of marines to help own the opponents' mass immortal.
 After a while it just got ridiculous how massive our ball was. It felt amazing to just scoot and shoot it around and massacre everything in its path as i ravaged every one of their bases.
 Here was the final engagement but they were clearly outnumbered.
Most of them gave up almost immediately after seeing the deathball, and tasting a small hint of its power.
GG! That's how you pwn in starcraft 2!


  1. 4v4 is complete chaos. A team of people linked on voice-chat who are with a plan should win every time but considering how daft these games can get, that isn't always the case.

  2. They sure tasted the power of deathball. :P

  3. Good thing that game lacks good AoE attacks

  4. we would have had more aoe but they sniped both of our colossi with mutas

  5. That's awesome!

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  6. great post

    do love me some sc2


  7. Damn, I want to play starcraft now!