Friday, 12 August 2011

I FINALLY started winning!!!!

 Hey guys I'm finally starting to get out of my starcraft 2 losing streak! I won 16 out of 24 games.

 Here is a starcraft 2 pvp where I did a timing attack with 3 colossi and some zealots & stalkers.
He expanded and went for archons and zealots with charge but couldn't hold the attack.

Here is a PvZ in starcraft 2 I thought I'd share with you guys because I faced something really unexpected.
Here he made a proxy hatch just outside my base where I couldn't see.

 I saw some creep so I sent my zealot out only to see spine-crawlers already in production right next to my ramp.
 He burrowed them closer and started pounding away on my buildings.
 I kind of failed here. I should have forcefielded him out completely so he couldn't get into my base at all. Then he couldn't have seen up my ramp so his spine crawlers wouldn't have been able to attack me.
 He got some queens up into my base to start laying creep tumors.

 I got a nice force-field off and killed both of them.

 He managed to kill all my buildings at my ramp with spines crawlers.
He kept pushing up into my base with lings and spines and queens.

 I got a forge and built some cannons for defense.
 I also decided the best choice was to get a dark shrine and go for dark templar because I had a probe near his base I could build a proxy pylon with.
 I warped in some dark templar just outside of his base using my proxy pylon.
 They ran in and massacred his drones.

 He tried to push in with all his spines because he knew he had to kill me now or else he would be too far behind after losing most of his drones.
 I laid some forcefields to trap his queens and zerglings.
I cleared out the rest of his attack, at which point it was gg starcraft 2 pwnage.


  1. lol! congrats! keep on the good luck!

  2. well done, persistence pays off.

  3. Awesome. S2 has been a tough game to get started in; so many players who have been dominating for years. Congrats!

  4. I started losing today. Got less points than when I started.. different game though. :/

  5. really nice dude, keep it up and congrats! :D

  6. Nicely done, way better than anything I've attempted.

  7. Way to kick ass! keep it up!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I know little about gaming, but will think about your design ideas in a few months time.